List of Soccer Leagues for adults in Los Angeles

You love soccer, you might have played all the youth soccer leagues in Los Angeles and now, even though you are around your 30's, you feel like an old retired player. Well, it's time for you to get on your cleats and come out again to the field. Los Angeles has a lot to offer when talking about competitive soccer leagues for adults. 

The good old days ain't over. The best days are about to come. Find the best soccer leagues for adults near you. 


Best options to play soccer in Los Angeles: 

Playa Champions

This soccer league for adults in Los Angeles claims "quality over quantity". If you feel like you are looking for competitive soccer, then this is one of the best options in Los Angeles. From the heart of Playa Vista, Playa Champions is hosted in maybe the best 8v8 field in the city. 

Great national and international players (Brazilians, Argentinians, French, English, Africans and more) make of this league a great experience (like feeling you are playing an international cup every time). 

One of Playa Champions great features is that they keep track of game stats (MVPs, Strikers, Best Goalie, etc). Top players are recognized with awards. Also, the league has a strong sense of community, organizing ALL STAR GAMES, Pickups and helping teams to challenge each other when seasons are over. 


Intramural Soccer Los Angeles: VB.FC

If you are looking for indoor soccer for adults, then DTLA would be the place to go, but let us introduce you to the last indoor "street soccer" hit in the city: VBFC. 

Venice Beach FC is a great expression that mixes the street culture from Venice with the passion for the ball. Are you down to challenge other great players on the beach front of Venice Beach? then VBFC is the play to go. From training sessions during the week to intense magical games during the weekends. Check their Instagram account at @VB.FC ; you wont regret it!


LA Municipal Soccer League

The city of LA organizes amazing soccer activities at 3900 w. chevy chase dr., los angeles, CA 90039.

Santa Monica Soccer League

Santa Monica.png
Santa Monica Soccer.png

The Santa Monica Soccer League, hosted near Santa Monica airport, is one of the biggest soccer leagues on the west side of Los Angeles. Mainly played weekday nights, Santa Monica is a difficult league to get into: you need to have at least 3 players (out of 7) that work or live in the area. Also, number of spots available might vary depeinding the season, so you cant assure all year round soccer. 

With great environment and play, Santa Monica can be a fun 7v7 league, but not as competitive as other leagues in the South Side of town. 

Men's Soccer League Orange County California: McCulloch Stars League

A great option to play at the south side of town. With 7v7 and 11v11 tournaments, McCulloch manages to get good local and latino teams in it's events. Challenging and sometimes can become rough. Worth a try!


Coed Soccer Leagues: Zog Sports

Zog Sports is the option for those playing for fun. Nice Coed events, cool to do networking and make friends, maybe not the most competitive league in town. It's always worth it to try their pickup games. 

Soccer Leagues in San Fernando Valley: DirectKix

DirectKix offers a great variety of competitions, from COED to corporate. Based on the San Fernando Valley Area, this league has always something fun going on. Great passion for what they do, and great fun!