Playa Champions - Competitive Adult Soccer League in Los Angeles

Welcome to Playa Champions, a competitive soccer league in Los Angeles. Players from all over the world come together in this magical tournament to compete. Do you have a team? Fill out the form and we will contact you before the next season opener. In the meantime, we will work to arrange friendlies with other teams. 



1. Set up your team

(we recommend squads of 12 players)

2. We will contact you. 

3. Payment options:

a) full season payment (9 matches + playoffs): $1200 (average of $10 per player per match). Ref fees included. Playoffs games are included for best 6 of 10 teams.

b) 2 installments per season (9 matches + playoffs): 1st $684 + 2nd $684 (before match 5). (average of $11 per player per game). Ref fees included. Playoffs games are included for best 6 of 10 teams.

4. You will access to our team database, and we will help you play friendlies before the season starts. 

5. Sign and submit the waivers (we will send them to you). 

6. First 6 teams will make the playoffs (already included in League fees). 

7. Play, have fun and make friends!

Captain's Name *
Captain's Name
Feel free to tell us more about yout team (e.g; other leagues you played, where you know each other from, average age of players, nationalities, etc).


Are you a free player and looking for a team? Just click below and fill out the form. We will connect you with teams in need of good players like you. 

The Playa Champions League is an elite Mens soccer league on the westside that plays on the best 8v8 Turf field in LA. 
We work for both single players or teams that have a intermediate or higher level of play. 
Our goal for this league is to have 8 balanced teams that are competitive and play at a high level. 
The league currently has 1 division with the hopes of creating more lower level divisions if there is a demand for it. We will first be focusing on quality over quantity. 


In Playa Champions we take soccer seriously, this is why we do stats and we award top players as well as strikers and best Goal Keepers. We have also a community oriented spirit, so we organize our All-Star game at the end of every season, being a high level exhibition match with only the best players of the league (you can check the previous season's stats on the top menu of this page). 


The season has a league format where every team plays against each other once. Best teams access to playoffs. 



Located at the heart of Playa Vista, play on one of the best 8v8 fields of Los Angeles. The park is strategically located near Santa Monica, near Venice Area and near LAX airport. 

12735 Bluff Creek Dr, Playa Vista, CA 90094

(for more info click HERE). 

The price per match per team is around $120 (ref fees included). We suggest squads of 12 players, making an average of $10/player per match. 

Contact us:

For league fees and more information on how to register please email us at or send me a text at 310.435.2341 and we will evaluate your skill level and position and place you on a team.

League Rules:

Click here to see the rules.

See ya in the field!

Dorian and Nico